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George Washington

Martin Luther King

Pilgrim Life




George Washington




George Washington Unit at Enchanted Learning

History facts, games, quizzes, timelines and more.


G.W. Washington-Our First President


Short stories about George Washington

Presidents' Day

Read the history of George Washington, do a word search, make some cookies and color a picture.

Take a tour of Mount Vernon

See the home where George Washington lived.

Cross Word Puzzle


Solve the crossword puzzle using George Washington history clues. Includes an answer key.

Word Search

Learn and review George Washington history while finding the hidden words. Includes an answer key.

Word Scramble

Use the clues to unscramble the mystery words. Includes an answer key.

Martin Luther King



Martin Luther King Theme Unit


Martin Luther King in the Classroom


Lessons, activities, quizzes, games, vocabulary and more

All About Dr. Martin Luther King


All about Dr. Martin Luther King’s life in timelines, history, printable books and worksheets.


Timeline, quizzes, and games made with Kid Pix

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

Words to a song about Dr. King, sung to the tune of

Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Word Search

Printable word search


MLK Quiz

A very simple, printable quiz with just 4 short questions and multiple choice answers.

America's First Thanksgiving

A brief, concise history of the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving.

History of the Pilgrims

A study of Pilgrim history prepared for teacher and student use.

KidsKonnect Pilgrims

Many links to good sites.


Thanksgiving Thematic Units and Links

More links to good sites.


Pilgrim WebQuest

A Pilgrim WebQuest where students compare their lives to those of  the Pilgrims.

Plimoth Plantation

Official website of Plimoth Plantation – the living, breathing replication of old Plimoth Plantation as it really was. There is a wealth of information, research and pictures here.

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan


This is a thematic unit that includes downloads of worksheets, books, Pilgrim houses and more.

Scholastic First Thanksgiving


Read and experience daily life in Colonial times as a Pilgrim child, adult or Wampanoag Indian. This includes a look at clothing, housing, food, games, chores,  and more. Also includes a pictorial timeline, lesson plans and online activities.


Colonial Williamsburg

An informative, creative and entertaining cartoon-like presentation of Colonial Life.

Pilgrim Clothing

Descriptions and some drawings are given of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.



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