6th Grade plant and animal cell project









Use the diagram and websites above to fill in the questions below. 


1.     What do you think is the biggest difference between plant

and animal cells?    


1.     What is the main function of the nucleus?


2.     Where would I find a chloroplast?  What is its function?


3.     Cell walls would only be found in __________________.


4.     What is the job of the cell membrane?


5.     The vacuole’s main job is to ________________________.


6.     Name the three shapes of bacteria.


______________  ________________  _________________


7.     What is one difference between a virus and bacteria?



8.     In one paragraph explain one major difference between these three kingdoms?  MoneranProtist – Fungi





1.      In Microsoft Paint draw and label each of the following:

    1.  Paramecium – 2. Euglena – 3. Fungi 


2.     Design and label a plant or animal cell out of edible items    

 from home.  


3.    Use power point to make a creative presentation for both animal and plant cells.  Make sure you label all of the appropriate parts and state the function of each.