The Cocos Islands - - A Symbiotic Study



The Cocos Islands are highlighted in red.


Map of Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Click on the map above for information about the islands. Complete the section on your worksheet that pertains to the Cocos Islands geography.


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These islands provide a unique ocean habitat consisting of two authentic coral atolls where nutrient rich currents provide a source of nourishment for extensive coral reefs. In addition to these reefs, the islands are home to the largest shark population in the world, and countless other fish. With in this environment, there exist numerous symbiotic relationships.



Your task:

  1. Complete the Cocos Islands and Symbiosis Data Handout using the internet.
  2. Learn about the different types of symbiotic relationships.
  3. Find examples of each symbiotic relationship, both in the ocean, and in the Cocos Islands.




Symbiosis: Click on the picture below to learn more about symbiotic relationships.


Common Clownfish



Resources and Helpful Cites:


Google: Search on your own using key words like: ocean, sea, coral reef, symbiosis, symbiotic relationships, sharks.


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